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Klal Yisrael leaves Egypt

Hashem send them on the long route

They leave armed

Moshe takes the bones of Yosef along

From Sukkos they travel to Eisom

Hashem leads them in a cloud pillar by day and in fire pillar by night

The Trap



Hashem has a plan
  • Klal Yisrael will return to Pi Hachiros
  • Pharaoh will  then say that they are lost
  • Pharaoh will then give chase
  • Mitzrayim will be shown that I am the lord
  • Klal Yisrael complies
Egypt gathers an army

Pharaoh is told that they are lost

Egypt regrets send Klal Yisrael out

Pharaoh hitches up his own chariot

The gathered army is very large

Hashem hardens Pharaoh’s heart

Egypt’s pursues Klal Yisrael

They meet by the sea at Pi HaChiros

Klal Yisrael saw them and cried out to Hashem

They then complained to Moshe

Moshe Rabeinu tells not to worry, Hashem will fight for you

Hashem reveals his plan

Hashem tells Moshe “Why do cry to me?”

Hashem instructs moshe to stretch out his stick over the sea and split it

The Malach goes behind Klal Yisrael to protect them from the Egyptians

Moshe splits the sea

The east wind blows it open

The sea turns into dry land!

Egypt gives chase – right into the sea

Hashem battles Egypt

Hashem ends the miracle

The sea crashes down

Egypt is punished and afterward they drown

Klal Yisrael see’s Hashem hand
  • They fear him and believe in Hashem and in Moshe
  • They sing to Hashem
  • The ladies play music to Hashem
The dessert of Shur
  • They traveled for three days without finding water
  • They came to Marasa, where there bitter water
  • They complained to Moshe
  • Moshe throws in a bitter stick and the water becomes sweet
  • Hashem teaches them Torah
  • Moshe promises them that if they listen to Hashem, then he will be their doctor
They travel to Eilim and then to the dessert of Sin
  • They complain about hunger
  • The answer: Mon, Slav and rebuke.
  • Hashem provided them with the meat of the the Slav bird
Klal Yisrael is sent the Mon from heaven

The purpose of the Mon was to test them if they will follow the Mitzvos of the Mon

  1. They are to collect exactly an Omer
  2. They are to leave no leftovers

      On friday 2 portions came down and on Shabbos none

      Some went out to collect Mon on Shabbos, although Moshe had told them not to. Hashem rebukes Moshe for their actions.

      The Pasuk describes the taste and look of Mon 

      Hashem commands Moshe to save some Mon for generations.

      Klal Yisrael ate the Mon for 40 years

    They come to Refidim
    • There is no water in Refidim, so they fight with Moshe.
    • They got thirsty and complain to Moshe.
    • Hashem provides them with water from a rock.
    Amalek fights Klal Yisrael
    • Yehoshua leads the battle against Amalek.
    • Moshe Aharon and Chur led Klal Yisrael in prayer from atop a hill.
    • While Moshe had his hands up in prayer, Yisrael was stronger.
    • Moshe’s hands are supported by Aharon and Chur
    • Yehushua kills all of Amalek’s strong men
    After the Battle
    • Moshe is commanded to write for Yehoshua, that Amalek must be destroyed.
    • Moshe builds a Mizbayach.
    • He declares: Hashem has sworn to do battle with Amalek in every generation.